Untold Garden: Skiljelinjer (Lines of Demarcation)

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Skiljelinjer, Swedish for “Lines of Demarcation,” is a research project exploring agonism within collaborative artistic and design processes. Agonism is an alternative decision-making process driven by controversy instead of consensus.

“All forms of consensus are by necessity based on acts of exclusion.” Chantal Mouffe

The project explores ways in which Mouffe’s writings on agonism and agonistics’ logics might guide collaborative design processes within and beyond urban planning. This is done with a tool using augmented reality, through which participants co-create and vote on proposals. The proposals are filtered depending on their ratio between upvotes and downvotes, which can drive the project’s decision-making process following a range between consensus, conflict, and dissensus.

The pandemic has radically disturbed our relationships to what we refer to as “home.” It has been fully transformed into a site of consumption and precarious labor. Together with participants around the world and through the use of the Skiljelinjer tool, we ask you to collectively explore the ways you can revert the current logic of the home as a site of production and consumption through the collective creation of new tools and interventions for unproductive ways of being, leisure and free time. The audience is invited to participate in the first-ever public brief.

Skiljelinjer is concieved and developed by Untold Garden and Sebastian Dahlqvist, with funding from Kulturbryggan

Untold Garden is an experiential art and design studio exploring new tools for participatory design and immersive experiences. It is directed by Max Čelar and Jakob Skote. They are artists, designers and developers, with a background in architecture.

Sebastian Dahlqvist is an artist and curator, who’s practice involves collaborations and departs from site-specific issues with an interest in self-organization, collective memory, and ways of reading and writing history.