Gl1t̷c̛ḩ ̸ ͢Aŕt 101: Basics of an image as sound

Tuesday / 23.02.2021 /  6:00pm  

An experimental digital image processing workshop will present a simple and effective sonication of visual materials. With workshop leaders’ help, participants will use image re/deconstruction tools and create a series of digital reinterpretations of the digital image, prepare and use various digital image file formats and free software designed to work with sound.

Participants are asked to download the following programs before the workshop:
GIMP [Linux / macOS / Windows]
Audacity [Linux / macOS / Windows]

Gl1t̷c̛ḩ ̸ ͢Aŕt 101 is a series of three (16 February, 23 February and 2 March 2021, 6–8 p.m.) modular ‘glitch art’ workshops aimed at finding, documenting, and catalyzing unusual and aesthetic flaws in digital visual file systems. Participants will learn about working with digital files, free software, and digital art creation processes based on knowledge of the concepts (format, memory, codec, program, and license) as building blocks of the modern digital ecosystem. Each workshop will begin with a brief presentation of glitch creation methods, techniques, and practices, emphasizing terminology and databending practice. The workshops will be led by artists, hackers, and event organizers Dina Karadžić and Vedran Gligo.

You don’t need specific prior knowledge or special equipment to participate; you only need a computer with a microphone and a stable internet connection. The workshops consist of three two-hour meetings, which will take place on Tuesdays (16 February, 23 February, and 2 March) via the open platform

Participation is free of charge.