Online Workshop of Animation: Animated photography

Thursday / 17.12.2020 /  6:00pm  @ZOOM

Animated photography is a simple animation created from/into the photo(s), which creates the illusion of movement, as it changes its appearance over time due to added movement. It can be used in multimedia projects, advertising, fun .gif animated messages, etc. The background can be animated, as well as details of the photo, larger or smaller areas, elements for movement are added, video and sound can be included.

In the workshop, we will learn what can be understood as “animated photography” and learn how to use the equipment/software needed to create animated photography, and how to develop and process animated photography. Teleworking is intended for young people without experience, as well as for those who would like to perform better with computer tools. We will design and perform short animations in the group; the sessions will take place on 14. and 17. december. During the sessions, the participants will work independently.

The workshop will be led by Kristijan Robič.

Example of animated photography: