KIBLIX 2020 Pre-event / Online Workshop of Animation: Rotoscopy

Tuesday / 24.11.2020 /  6:00pm  @ZOOM

Tuesday, 24 November from 6—7 p. m

Rotoscoping is an animation technique used by animators to line up film footage, frame by frame, to create a realistic action. At the workshop we will learn what can be understood as rotoscoping and how to use different software such as image capture, graphic and video animation. At the workshop, participants learn about what can be understood as rotoscoping and be able to learn how to use the image-capture software, as well as computer programs for graphics, and video animation. Cameras or video cameras will be used during this workshop.

The workshop is intended for those without previous experience and  those who would like to upgrade their knowledge. We will learn about the characteristics of art projects made using rotoscoping techniques; in groups, we will design and make short animations. We will learn about the diverse uses of equipment and software for creating graphics, moving images, animations that can be used for gifs, animated graphics, or clip art.